Saturday, March 27, 2004

Blogs on the move... Omar Masry can, for now, be found at Iraq 2.0 service will resume shortly.

Also, noticed these two links on Omars blog; A Force More Powerful - nonviolent power to change lives and nations, and; Bringing Down A Dictator - the removal of Slobodan Milosevic by nonviolent strategy.

While Omar plans to resume blogging, there are other Iraq blogs that are haunted by the date of their last post. Some bloggers may have just slipped away, returning to the mechanics of daily survival, the absence of others gives pause for thought. Now is a good time to mention them;

g. in Baghdad one of the first Iraq blogs. Last post Sept 20 2003
Ishtar Talking first bilingual Iraqi blog, blogged from Basra. Last post 2003 09
some of what i think about a soldiers blog, read his last post; Nov 5 2003
The Other Side - Joshua Kucera a freelance journalist who was based in Erbil, his editors demanded he stop posting to the site until the war ends. Either the war has not ended, or Joshua is posting somewhere else (can't find where, have searched a few times), or... well, who knows. Last post March 28 2003
Joshua Kucera Joshua posted articles here for a while. First post May 20 2003, last post June 30 2003.

Josh update; Joshua Kucera is well and working somewhere else in the world now.


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