Tuesday, April 27, 2004

I don't think I'll be holding my breath for women's liberties in Iraq, thanks to US intervention, if Afghanistan is any indication.

It is two and a half years since W. Bush sent his storm troopers into the Afghan desert, seeking to deliver it's long suffering people from oppression. It is pure speculation of course, but being such well trained, culturally sensitive and liberating forces, it is not too much a stretch of the imagination to envisage troops showering the grateful women of Afghanistan with brochures declaring such liberating proclamations as; "Cast aside your Burqa's!" "Women of Afghanistan, walk free!" "Lady liberty, her torch is now yours! ... ok sorry, that last one was particularly bad taste.

Anyway, as it is, the only one who seems to be roaming around free without a burqa at the moment is Osama Bin Ladin, elusive and more freshfaced with every new video he releases. But that's beside the point. Unfortunately this; "There is not a village in Farah where a young woman has not burned herself to death," is not at all beside the point. And nor is it beside the point that women in an Afghan province, so shortly after having discovered a means of expression through radio, are now again banned from performing on television and air. Radio becomes just another hollow voice echoing on the war waves - your country is free, here, have a radio station, listen to our propaganda instead. No, if life for Afghani women is anything to go by, I don't hold out that much hope for liberation in Iraq at all.

Bush's administration is in more trouble then it knows. Thought the anti war marches in Feb last year were big? Think again, Sunday's demonstration in Washington DC for Women's Lives has been estimated to be the largest demonstration in American history.

There's a lot of ladies out there Dubya', and in comparison with your goverment's policy even a promiscuous philanderer like Clinton gets better lookin' everyday.

(Apologies to anyone I may have accidently offended. I think I just had a mild keyboard fit).


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