Sunday, April 25, 2004

Iraq Blog Report;

Iraq Hack has published censored material. Banned images available thanks to the tenacity of The Memory Hole, who obtained these photographs after filing a freedom of information act request. The original request was rejected but after the Memory Hole appealed the ruling was reversed. So I guess these images are not banned anymore, now.

Looks like Iraq the Model will be publishing photo's soon too. (Enlightened times these. If the news isn't showing what you want to see, just file a request under the freedom of information act, or send a blogger a digital camera. Problem fixed, news by mail order).

Iraqi Expat has also obtained images.

Hammorabi is impressed by neither re-baathification; Getting the Baathists back is a fatal mistake and it will result in nothing but more credibility for those who stated that the US policy in Iraq is not democracy ...but something else nor by Paul Bremer; Democracy is not decrees and decrees are not freedom! Hammorabi, keeping it real.

Majid is succinct;
-so, let’s take those Ba’athists out of the usual day life...
-oh wait.... 90% of this country are Ba’athists.
-well ... let’s allow them back again.

(from A Conversation with Bremer, transcript reconstruction with the help of connotative evidence).

Riverbend reports; There's nothing that can describe the current feeling in the air... There's a sort of truce going on in Falloojeh but the problem is that we still hear of people being killed on both sides and areas being bombed in the city... She says there is a lot happening at the moment, but she has come down with the "so much is happening how do i blog it my pc despises me" flu. This flu, though not lethal, can have serious deblogatory side effects. Conspiracy theorists have dubbed it blogilogical warfare and suspect the outbreak originated in a poorly quarantined web research laboratory. A recent plea in the shoutbox from another Iraqi blogger appears consistant with the flu's symptoms. All bloggers that feel they may be coming down with a bout of this are advised to rest, drink plenty of liquids, and eat well. Riverbend will pull through, and more blogging will follow.

Update (re Memory Hole images).


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