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Most Sectarain Blog Ever

You know, as much as our blogosphere has a lot of agressive opinions, there has never been someone who is explicit and brazen about his sectarain inclinations, this is where we were hugely lacking in my opinion because this sort of opinion is bascially present with a considerable portion of Iraqis. We are not all so nice and to prove that you can simply take a look at our homeland, al-Shaqawa (which translates into 'The Malignanace') must have felt the same way too, or he doesn't care. His blog isn't coy like Riverbend, nor trying to sound journalistically-neutral like Zeyad, nor is he a reasonable political analyst like ITM, he is an angry, vulgar, simplistic piece of sectarain hatred that is raw and unprocessed. I must say that his viewpoints reflect a nice deal of the Iraqi society today and its voice must be also heard, no matter how rotten and bad it is. So that you understand how bad really is the sectarain tensions are escalating in every family of Iraq right now.


#5/08/2007 01:02:00 am Assalam Aleikom Blogger MixMax

I read some of his posts. I don't think this blog needs someone to comment on or to write his / her opinion regarding this topic or the other - except for those who agrees with him.

I am proud to see a person who love Iraq like this fellow blogger, but loving Iraq should make us correct wrongness committed by anyone and everyone, I didn't see that on this blog!

#5/14/2007 08:00:00 am Assalam Aleikom Blogger CMAR II



Could it be that you were inspired by by this comment of mine at Great Baghdad. Note that my comment is on May 2.

Great Baghdad drums away at what many Sunni Arab bloggers imply: that Iraq's troubles did not start with Sunni Arab rejectionism or its tacit support for the "Resistance". It's troubles started Shi'a empowerment which, in their eyes, is only the gloved hand of Iran.

In short, I disagree. Shaqawa is not the most sectarian blogger ever since any sectarism implicit in his post is tempered by the solid nugget of truth that Iraq's failure to thrive since 2003 primarily stems from the original sin of a large percentage of Iraqi Sunni Arabs: both *active* and *tacit*.

Incidentally, Jeffrey at Iraqi Bloggers Central posted something today that is quite applicable to my point.

#5/16/2007 06:37:00 pm Assalam Aleikom Anonymous Anonymous


I'm an observer of Iraq. I was ignorant before I started reading blogs by Iraqis wonderfully written in impeccable English - like Riverbend's and many others. The more I read, the more I come to understand the true things about Iraqi nation.

Before I read blogs by Iraqis, Iraq only meant oil, Arab with big nose, Gulf War, Saddam Hussein in military attire, a city named Baghdad and another named Babylon, wars with Kuwait and Iran.

I collected pictures of people in Iraq - a one legged-man standing the street, carrying lots of cigarrette packets to sell, a women with her kids in a tend, mourning the death of her husband who committed suicide for not being able to make ends meet for his wife and children, a mother and her daughter looking terrified as an American soldier broke into her house with the end of his gun pointing towards them...

From afar, it seems like there war is not only between America and Iraq, but also among the tribes. I am Muslim. I never knew I am a Sunni until I heard about Shia from a Bangladeshi lecturer in my college. I never understood the way Sunni Hanafi ppl pray until I live with them. I never hate Zionists people until I understand what's happening in Palestine and in the world.

The only ppl I used to hate was a Chinese family who was my neighbor. And I had some teachers who tried to instill hatred and prejudice to other races, tribes, mazhab, religions, etc.

I am so confused. I only want to live in this world without having to hate anyone.

Media makes the tribal vendetta among Kurdish, Sunni and Shiah in Iraq seems so ugly.

Allah said that He made us from different nations and tribes, men and women, so that we can know, and be friends with each other. Not to hate each other.

I do hope that the people in Iraq will stop fighting under the name of their tribes. Fight under the name of Iraq - Kurdish, Sunni or Shiah, you'll be as one. America will treasure the wealth of Iraq as long as the people of Iraq are kept busy killing each other. Don't give America what they want.

#5/31/2007 07:23:00 pm Assalam Aleikom Anonymous Anonymous

I think most sectarian ever is a little unfair,

If you wantangry ignorant and just plain vile and you have a strong try this:

or on 2nd thoughts don't.


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