Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Iraqi Psychatrist - Colors of Mind

A friend of mine told me this story: When he was six years old, he couldn't sleep at night, his parents decided to let him visit a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist asked him questions and perscribed him medicine, I asked my friend if it did anything, and he said: Yes, I became able to sleep, but only because I didn't want to see the psychiatrist again.

This little anecdote describes the idea that Iraqis in general are skeptical about a person visiting shrinks, automatically associating them with lunacy, and this is why we have today a refreshingly different blog about an Iraqi psychiatrist who stirs up conversations about the origin of Iraqi cockroaches during a formal dinner, talks to dead idols while he's alone, and quite simply just about everything you'd expect from an Iraqi who decided to choose the quizzical career of a psychiatrist in a land where mental disease is associated with Djinn possession. Saminkie is an interesting fresh graduate living in Iraq, often trekking between Baghdad and Mosul. His blog focuses more on personal experiences than dredging political commentary, an essential attraction of blogs and a severely missing one in the Iraqi Blogosphere. While Saminkie often commits gramatical errors, his posts are genuinely worthy to read, if anything, it's because of his unusual profession, he introduces himself as:

Wellcome to my blog, it is about my interests which I think many share me: PSYCHIATRY comes first cause am a resident doctor in psychiatry hoping that I will be a specialist in 4 years; IRAQ HISTORY cause am iraqi and like history especially the summerian and babylonian era; and all the siences that are linked to both psychiatry and Iraq history and that will be a long list.....
well you gonna have nice time with my blog...


#1/31/2008 06:59:00 pm Assalam Aleikom Anonymous Anonymous

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#1/31/2008 07:26:00 pm Assalam Aleikom Blogger Jeffrey


Damn, I'm sorry but I have absolutely no investment opportunities to offer you! But I can say that this new blog looks like a great addition to the Iraqi blogosphere.

Did you see my link to the Blogger announcement that they now allow Hebrew, Persian, and Arabic right-to-left blogs? Do you think that this will help build up the Arabic-language Iraqi bloggers?


#2/12/2008 04:29:00 pm Assalam Aleikom Anonymous alice

Hi sunshine!!
It has been llong time since my last visit.
I just checked your blog about 17 days ago and saw your post "my battle" i wanted to leave a comment, but soon, they called me because my rest time had ended.( I work as a nurse in Russia).
Now, i have finished my reading of 50 posts of you!!!
great!! ha!!
at first, i love to congratulate you for being chosen "the prime minster" it is great news!!

I found the URL of sandybelle
When you made her posts' titles at first as links (in your last post about her.
I visited hers, she seems to be very kind girl!!(she is like you!!).
in her blog, there is a sight of hope, optimism, love and peace and ambition!!
She writes about different subjects. Even though, she uses sentences like yours, but DO YOU THINK THAT THESE SENTENCES ARE SPECIAL FOR YOU!!
When I was seventeen years old. I was fonding of writing, and oneday a boy read my own articles and he began to write too. at first, i thought the same of yours. i thought he is jealous and steal my writings. but no, i was completely wrong. By time, he began to get his own readers and he became more famous than i. Just because i talked badly about him, my readers became less than before, good readers don't like reading for whom talk badly about the others, however the others were.
There is a big difference between yours and hers.she rights about different subjects.
ohh sunshine!! don't be sad!!
nobody can't steal from your blog. you have your own style of writing.
She has her own style as i saw!!
she has alot of ambitions, she likes to talk about them..
while you'll be the prime minister, i suppose she'll be something too.
let the readers read fro her, for once. they will decide by reading for the both sides. you and her..
she is new in the blogsphere. she has very limited readers. but i'm sure if she has the space, she will be great, just like you.
about the background!!
don't be sad about her using of it. she is a girl, and she is good writer and the template is for everyone!! even about the image of birthday. it seems that she got it from the web , right!! and this website is for everyone!!
And don't you forget that you are older than her in blogging!! you have more fans than her!! and surely i'm one of them !!
I didn't see any bad talking about you in her blog!! she did never mention the name sunshine!!
ok sunshine. don't be angry. the prime minister should be wise and shouldn't talk badly about any other one without the conversation..
I love the future prime minister of iraq which will be sunny nation!!
alice the nurse!
I hope you'll listen well to me and take my advice and i promise you that you'll never lose..
I wrote this comment in sushine's when I saw that she talked badly about sandybelle. Sunshine is little girl and needs others' opinions and experiance.
I was shocked that she deleted the comments. I wrote another comment wishing her best wishes. should the Prime Minister be unfair.

#3/05/2008 04:20:00 pm Assalam Aleikom Anonymous LeeRoy

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