Wednesday, August 01, 2007

LGBTQ of Iraq

LGBTQ of Iraq blogs in Arabic and, he assures me, soon, in English about Lesbian and Gay issues in Iraq. Lesbians and Gays are regularly singled out and targeted by the various armed groups in Iraq.

Most Iraqis of my father generation will make a face like they have seen something disgusting when you mentions gays. But even my father would point out that a delegation of gays from the UK visited Iraq in the 1930's because, at that time, gays had more rights in Iraq than they did in Britain. This is because what you did in the privacy of your own home in Iraq is treated as your own business and nobody else's. Now with the extremist militias running freely imposing there own perverse laws not even the home is safe. And rights for gays and lesbians has become an important issue. Simply because if don't care about this one then you will be next.


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