Wednesday, June 13, 2007

An Arab Woman's Blues

Layla Anwar gives the world a piece of her mind in beautifully powerful prose that leaves you simply awestruck. One commenter summed her blog up in one word - "wow". Here are her words on the plight of Iraqi women:
You know what woman battering is don't you?

It is basically when a man beats, strikes, punches, kicks, pounds...a woman and sometimes severly enough that she ends up in hospital and sometimes severly enough to bring about her death.

It is interesting to note that the verb "to batter" is also used in cooking i.e to make a dough. The French have similar anologies between battering a woman and food. They would say he turned her into a "compote".(compote is cooked fruits). Ditto for Arabic expressions. They would say he broke her bones, they became like "soup"...

Am sure other "cultures" have more analogies of the same sort. I will leave it to you to dig up some expressions that you are familiar with, along the same lines...

Did you notice something here? A common trait in the use of words, in the use of language?

It is as if they allude to render that "thing" liquefied, easily moulded, soft to the palate...
In sum, easily mixed and easily digestible. I will also leave it to you to make further associations on the same theme.

No society is immune from woman battering. I will not dwell on figures now. All societies are guilty of it. East and West, equally guilty. And R.Kipling was wrong when he said that East and West shall never meet. They do meet. They met. They met in Iraq.

They met in Iraq, the land, the earth, the Mother...
They also met and agreed on her daughters bodies - Iraqi Women.

That body which, since the "liberation", has become a public commodity. A public thing. A thing to be veiled, a thing to be controlled, a thing to be ordered about, a thing to be disposed of, a thing to be battered, moulded, shaped into a liquefied, soft, yielding thing. A digestible thing.

Yes, batter, pound, strike, punch, beat, rape, torture, imprison...that "thing" and ultimately dispose of it, annihilate it.

Both "East and West" are bent on the destruction of Iraqi women.
It is as if, plundered, occupied Iraq has become the center point, the "lieu" where these forces can pour out their venom, their deep hatred, their frustrated instincts, their perversities...In sum their collective misogyny.


#7/01/2007 12:09:00 pm Assalam Aleikom Blogger BrianFH

If you think all countries and societies are equally guilty, then you are being truly stupid in order to try and make a "point". There are major differences, and if you disregard them, then there's no point in trying to make any progress, because no one anywhere has succeeded, so it's all universally awful and always will be, so you might as well give up and kill yourself now! Don't delay, suicide today!


#1/27/2008 09:29:00 am Assalam Aleikom Anonymous james in tn

that sucks hell lady where i come from hehe somebody finds out you beat your wife you gettin a visit from a big mean sumb*tch(pardon french please

hell just dont give up never give up....ive never been able to figure out why ppls do though so....

#7/30/2008 08:58:00 pm Assalam Aleikom Blogger Firyal

It is true, what she says about societies all having issues with abuse of women. I am curious as to what she is speaking of when she talks about the "liberation" and equates it with more abuse. Is she trying to say that the "liberators" are the abusers? Or is she saying that now that they have been liberated, it is much easier to get away with abusing your wife?


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