Sunday, May 14, 2006

Three Must-Reads

Iraqi blogs are growing in quantity and quality. I am pleased to announce three new quality blogs...

A new weblog has been created on a much-needed subject. It is for Expatriate Iraqi Scientists and their role is to "Stay united and rejuvenate Iraq's scientific heritage". One important task they have started is to gather information about the spate of assassinations of Iraqi academics and professionals. One thing I want to link to here is a PDF showing the demographics of assassinations in Iraq. What is most horrifying about this is not so much the division of killings, but the fact that enough people were killed that meaningful statistics can be gathered.

Also, this blog came to my attention from a a little Smiley :-) placed in my comments section... A very warm welcome to new blogger, Fatima. Being born and raised in the US and now living in Baghdad shed is a Bridge Blog in her own right. She is, Thoughts From Baghdad. And she blogs about... her thoughts on living in post-Saddam Baghdad. I have to highlight here her post of some amazing pictures of sandstorms in Baghdad. But I did not have the time to ask for her permission to show them so you will just have to click on the links for yourself of... sandstorms and more sandstorms.

Last and most certainly not least is Iraqi Screen by Ishtar. The one and only Salam Pax has this to say...
Boys and girls do yourselves a favour and go read Iraqi Screen. You will thank me. She is funny, she is wise and she could kick your ass if you looked her up the wrong way.
With a recommendation like that from The Man himself you cannot go wrong.


Well, what are you waiting for?? Get reading and enjoy!

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