Saturday, September 17, 2005

Neo-postmodern poetry !

Run your favourite Arabic poem/lyrics through an arabic to english autotranslation tool:

River of the sadnesses

Assigned you as rivers of sadnesses
Rivers of music. Carried me
[lwraa'i], behind the times

Rivers of music get lost
Reigned me. Then lost me
The black tear above them

Tones of statement fall
Assigned you and tobaccos and alcoholic
The cup tenth blinds me

I in the seat burning
My fires my erosion of luminous
['a'aqwl] knits [yaa] lunar?

Ah if possibilities were in
So I did not hope you in the life
Except assigns you and my sadnesses

My ships in the port weeping
The gulfs get torn above
Decisive yellow broke me

Broke in chest fiducial
['a'asaafru] echoes you [lylkty]?
[yaa] shadow of God [b'ajfaany]

[yaa] summers green [yaashmsy]
[yaa] beautiful. My colors beautify

Is expels about you and our cut
Return of April become beautiful from?

Flower become beautiful from [Gaardynyaa]
In [e'utmti] Spanish hair

[yaa] grain only. Does not cry
So your tears dig affections

Indeed me did not hope you in the life
Except assigns you. .[w] my sadnesses

['a'aqwlu] knits [yaa] lunar?
Ah if possibilities were in

So I lost human
The ground does not introduce in local

Get lost me trains. Get lost me
Names. Get lost me addresses

Dates! What for my date
Indeed me forgetfulness of the forgetfulness

Indeed me anchor does not anchor
Wounding in features human

What gives you? ['ajybyny]
Worries? Atheism? Nauseas

What gives you apart from amount
Refraining of the devil dances in

I thousand knits. So leaves
Meant. About fires and smoky

So I did not hope you in the life
Except assigns you? My sadnesses

Which makes about as much sense to me as Beowulf in olde english. But magnificently dadaist. Tristan Tzara would have loved it.

("The black tear above them... Tones of statement fall" ~ phoo, what could that all mean).

(For additional layers take it through Dutch, Japanese and French).


#9/17/2005 05:48:00 pm Assalam Aleikom Blogger cile

am certainly gonna try that! ;)

#9/18/2005 02:55:00 pm Assalam Aleikom Blogger cile

seen this supernew blog announce?


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