Sunday, September 04, 2005

Constitution update

Well, having ascertained that the constitution is already unconstitutional but has managed to weave enough loopholes to not dissolve the Transitional National Assembly and start the process all over (discussed weeks ago, various blogs) might as well examine the possibility that the TAL is about to breach itself again.

According to niqash:

If the draft constitution is made public later than 15 August 2005 then the referendum will take place 2 months after the publication of the draft constitution. more

Ok, so. The constitution was definitely not ready for publication before or on 15 August. To all intents and purposes, it is still not clear whether a final copy even exists. There are numerous reports of tinkerings and various versions floating about - which one is the real one? Who can tell. Anyway, somethings were released in the last week of August - some partial translations and also several sites with Arabic copies. Keeping in mind that netizens usually get hold of these things before citizens, and keeping in mind that there was supposed to have been a draft "sort of" announced on 29 August, and keeping in mind that as late as 31 August another blogger reported some parties were still trying to get article 44 removed: let's be kind and say that it was released for publication 30 Aug (goodness knows what the drafts are that appeared before then - or how and why they got out before it was "finished"). Which means two months from the end of August for everyone in Iraq, and every Iraqi out of Iraq, to read it and discuss before the referendum. So, aside from whether two months means two calendar months, two lunar months or two fiscal months, let's just make it simple and say, um, referendum end of October - right? Hem maybe not. Looks like some people still want to try and get it all done on the 15 October. Even though the TAL timetable implies everyone is supposed to have two months (15 August to 15 October) to read it and not just one and a half months. Maybe I am jumping the gun and maybe the TNA will do this "fairly" and go schedule the referendum for 31 October - then again, the niqash press blog seems to think it's still all "penciled" in for the 15th...

Am making occasional updates to the constitution digest post. Will also count blogs (just remember to give the url/blog address when you're emailing about it. Thanks).


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