Thursday, September 08, 2005

2 blogs at once

24 steps to liberty

A new blog by a 27 year-old male from Baghdad, a reporter, and now a blogger.

God, more interesting blogs coming in and I have to go out!! :( I will try to keep up with every thing as much as I can..

Anyway, this is one more interesting blog, the writer wrote this summarizing his blog:
Here I will post my personal accounts on different issues, including social, political, and religious issues. The goal is not to affect your opinion or personal points of view. Instead, it is a way to help myself speak out things and share them with others. I hope this will help people outside Iraq to get an idea of what life really looks like here.
And here's the link..

Little snippet

A blog by a writer without a profile :)

He started his blog because he was:
Born in a country like Iraq made me experience life in a slightly different way. I don’t believe that my life is more important because of that. I simply consider it a story of interesting events that might entertain certain people. Few of my friends have always enjoyed my recollection of some early events of my life in Iraq and they pressed me to try and write about it.
He writes, and he writes well.. Here's the link.

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