Thursday, May 05, 2005

After the lull...

Lack of blogging might indicate apathy? Hah, not likely. Very dedicated individuals out there have been very busy...

The Jarrar family have been working with the MPT (Muslim Peacekeeping Team) and CPT (Christian Peacekeeping Team) in delivering medicinal aid to civilians, visit Raed's blog for more info, many pics of bags of medicine, receipts etc.

Ihath, Mohammed, "R", and Khalid are promoting bilingual blogging (language is too precious to lose ~ take it from someone who lost their parent's lingo thanks to "integration").

Streamtime are broadcasting and have started posting Arabic translations too.

Film-makers are making films, dentists could be busy tending teeth, and Niki, unsung behind scenes moderator, even finds time for a blog of her own (or two).


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