Sunday, April 24, 2005

Message from the imaginary tourism panel

Art update; There are no virtual galleries in Iraq on the web. Sorry. You will have to go to London for Iraq art. There is a war on in Iraq. A brutal regime has come to an end. The galleries are closed. There is no Opera. Only blogs. Please send more hospital supplies to Yarmouk.



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Monday, April 25, 2005

Justice stays sacred

It was my first time in life to hear an Iraqi official apologizing publicly to Iraqi citizen; this is really a positive sign of improving civil society.
He was the Mayer of Mosul in front of a 110 released innocents, who were suspected as a terrorist or criminals.
In facts hundreds of people are captured as a suspects near crime scenes or near a terror sites, but the bad thing in that, many of them are completely innocents; it was only their bad luck.
One of the released prisoner spent about 90 days in prison, but no one accused him with any thing until his time release last week !!
I knew another teenager who was waiting his turn in a gas station when he was arrested about twenty days ago, and still imprisoned till the time of writing these lines.
Some of the local officials do believe that one important reason for the increasing of terror percentage in the city in the last weeks was the (intention to revenge) from security forces because hundreds of their relatives were arrested for no reason while they were sure of their innocence.
The new security systems are using the same previous bad routine in dealing with time factor in interrogating the suspects causing a mess, and even skin diseases in the temporal prisons for the suspects during their custody.
Also their families cannot meet the prisoner or even knowing where and why they were imprisoned.
It was really disappointing to hear again about missing justice in Iraq same as last regime times, and both occupying forces and Iraqi security forces are responsible about what is happening here .
people now are telling jokes about imported democracy and it’s effect in preserving the missing justice.!!
As a community we know that it is a big challenge for the officials to keep security in Iraq with all that number of enemies, but justice stays sacred forever here or every where in the world.
Our Government should observe the human rights carefully, otherwise we will not blame people in the future if they said (Sadam’s period was better than current time if justice continues to be the missing factor in our society.

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#4/29/2005 11:39:00 am Assalam Aleikom Anonymous Anonymous


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