Saturday, April 30, 2005


In recent discussion had a commenter "railing" against me for not publishing content that involved "other countries" role's in Iraq (other then Iraq and on variant occasions the US) I think the guy was American and must have been tired of hearing about himself.

Anyway, bearing that in mind, here's a link to an article by Marian Wilkinson looking at the role Australian officers and lawyers are "faced with" in carrying out "procedures" in Iraq.

One officer, whose name has been withheld by the Defence Department, learnt that his US military colleagues were hiding high-level Iraqi prisoners of interest to US intelligence. The practice, known as keeping "ghost detainees", violated international law and has been condemned by US military lawyers and the Red Cross.

Yet the officer, when told of the "ghost detainees", did not inform his Australian superiors, Australian military sources said. He came forward only after the Abu Ghraib scandal blew up in the Australian Parliament. His evidence was handed over to the US embassy in Canberra but was never revealed to the Parliament or the public. read more.

In case you're not registered with the smh, which you'll need to be to view most of their articles including the one linked above, I've posted a copy of the whole article here.

(It's free to register to the smh and they do keep a very up-to-date website).


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