Sunday, November 14, 2004


Ok. Here we have it. A New Sunday Feature. Iraq Blog Count New Weekly Personals.

After having been inundated with requests from people outside Iraq seeking correspondence with people inside Iraq, Iraq Blog Count in it's own peacefully optimistic and foolishly kindhearted way will do it's best to facilitate the bringing together of mutual letter/email writers. Here is our first sunday special, featuring Ed.

I'd love to correspond with someone from Iraq. I'm 38, male & from New Hampshire. I want people in Iraq to know that we're looking for the truth about what is happening in their country. Only then can we really do something about it.

Please facilitate this if possible!!

Thanks & God Bless


If you would like to write with/reply/conduct private conversations etc with the loverly Ed (or the sweet natured Allison) please send an email to with a short intro 'bout yourself and it will be forwarded to your specified recipient. If you'd like to place an advert here as well, that's cool too.

Oh one other thing, Penpal Comment Policy. I think perhaps a separate comments policy for penpal publishing. From now on penpal post comments will be turned off. While I personally do not mind being abused by trolls and knee-o-kons and am fine about withstanding the whole tomato throwing at the stocks mentality of mob commenters, I do not expect dear sweet people seeking to advertise in IBC's new Penpal Classifieds to subject themselves to the ghoulish and delinquent among this blog's vocal readership (do they come here at all to read I wonder).

With love to you all.


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