Sunday, June 27, 2004


Andrew Wilkie'ss book Axis of Deceit is "out", well as much of it as hasn't been censored that is. (If you need to sign in to view that link you can try username emigre1 password ibc1 if you like).

Andrew Wilkie is the Australian former military officer and senior intelligence analyst who resigned a week before the war in Iraq.

With insider knowledge, his book details how the case for war in Iraq was constructed and presented (to Australians).

Other interesting facts; Shortly before the book was due for release a copy of the manuscript arrived mysteriously, without the authors permission, in the hands of Captain Martin Toohey - a Navy Reserve lawyer - who forwarded it "in alarm" to the Australian Attorney-General's department. (It is understood Captain Martin feared he may have been set up upon receiving the manuscript. A Vietnam Vet, he no doubt spooked himself and thought he'd better dob in Wilkie's book). As a consequence the Attorney-General secretary, Robert Cornall, called Mr Wilkie's publishers and the book has since been heavily censored.

So, who still thinks all the fun happens in the Northern hemisphere? Sleep easy dear readers, secure in the knowledge that intrigue blossoms in the south as it does in the east, west and north.


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