Saturday, June 26, 2004

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Life In Baghdad

This weblogger seems to have been posting quietly from Baghdad since Jan this year. He has been writing letters to friends with news from Baghdad since at least June 2003, and later began publishing the letters on this blog. As the writer of these letters says;

We have lived very very strange days, that I cannot just let them go by without sharing them with someone.

He has some interesting observations to offer, tinged with black humour. Just to give you a style taste, here are a few more quotes.

On laws introduced outlawing the (blackmarket) selling of fuel in January;

Luckily, like every other law stated in Iraq, laws only hold for about a week or so, then they don't apply anymore!!! This has always been the case with law in Iraq.

On democracy;

There is one subject that I haven't talked about in this message and that's whether to have "elections or selections" as was expressed by one of the station.

On electricity;

To sum up, electricity is better now. Though frankly don't know whether electricity got better, or better had redefined itself.

Current favourite quip;

"All generalizations are false, including this one."
(Blaise Pascal)

Ahmeds letters can also be read here.

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