Friday, June 18, 2004

Signs, Times.

Kurdo's world...

A group of US soldiers were ordered by the CPA to remove the title of Kirkuk University which was written in Kurdish, and replaced the writing with an Arabic one. The reason ?! They said there was "Kurdistan" word on the board.

Kurdo enquires;

OK.. fair enough...But why replace it with an Arabic one ? Why not add both Arabic & Kurdish to it ?!

What? Let Kurdistan become independent, multilingual, free and democratic? Can't have that! Everyone else will want one too!

Apparently the sign was originally in Arabic but at some stage in the spirit of multiethnicism (new word - multi-cultural? neh, this is 2004) had been updated to include three languages; Arabic, Kurdish, and English (um, English? Perhaps that new word could be changed again - multinationalism?). Now the CPA have changed it back to Arabic. With only weeks left before handing over to the Interim Govt, the CPA is making sure the Interim Govt has more things to un-do while they peddle about on the trainer wheels. Will look good for Interim Govt, no? Changing back monolingual CPA signs to multi-lingual, democratic, ethnically-equitable ones.


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