Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Iraq Blog Count is bored. There are no new Iraq blogs to count, or maybe there are but they are way of the radar and exist in a dimension entirely of their own, which nobody else (nobody = Emigre, seeing as Emigre is a nobody) knows about.

There are no new Iraq blogs to count. Nearly even cheated and counted a Kurdish blog; Kurdo's World but managed to exercise restraint and instead dealt with boredom by pestering Kurdo in his comments, fortunately Kurdo seems to possess a relatively peaceable and chatty persona and didn't seem to mind. Maybe if there were more Kurd'o blogs i could start a Kurdistan Blog Count. Anyway, if you're looking for more variety and interested in the bigger picture, pop along to Kurdo's World if you haven't already.

In the meantime (there is quite a lot of it - meantime, at the moment, as there are no new Iraq blogs to count) found this description of Greek philosophy by some guy called Martin West;

Early Greek philosophy was not a single vessel which a succession of pilots briefly commanded and tried to steer towards an agreed destination, one tacking one way, the next altering course in the light of its own perceptions. It was more like a flotilla of small craft whose navigators did not start from the same point or at the same time, nor all aim for the same goal; some went in groups, some were influenced by the movements of others, some traveled out of sight of each other.

"A flotilla of small craft", i like it, it reminds me of blogging.

Philosophic digression; if all bodies are nobodies, and Emigre is a nobody, does that make Emigre everybody? Ok, so there are no new Iraq Blogs to count and Iraq Blog Count is filling in space. Is that still too obscure? well, how about this then, there are too few Iraq bloggers. (and no, i'm not one of them).


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