Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Someone in the shoutbox has mentioned Iraqs mass graves. Iraq Blog Count did a search and has found it necessary to publish several links, as there is no single website to cover this subject in its entirety satisfactorily.

These links are hoped to provide a view of an emotive issue which so far has been sparsely documented, bearing in mind this is a human issue of depth which has barely yet been exhumed, and bearing in mind that a few links in a blog can hardly pretend to be definitive. These graves are matters of peoples personal grief, deserving of respect and dignity. These graves are also a public affair in that they are the graves of people buried en mass, and in that they have been unearthed at a time when the media spotlight is held full in the faces of their relatives.

I have always had a personal aversion to the camera held in the face of grief, and for that reason have had a think before linking to this first site: so if you click on this site let it be in respect for peoples mourning and less in morbid curiosity; The Mass Graves

Baghdad survey

Kurdistan Observer Jun 13 2003

Middle East Times Sept 12 2003

PR Media and International Speakers Nov 9 2003 and the same article at USA Today 11/08/2003 and also at Nov 9 2003

Last Nov 9 2003

Wanniski Dec 14 2003

As i said this is an emotive issue and documentation has barely begun. Most of these links are opinion based. It appears so far that these graves date to three main periods, the most recent being the 1991 Gulf war. It appears that a number of these sites are war graves.


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