Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Healing Iraq is threatening to post recipes. This is good, now if we can just get Bush and Blair into the kitchen, hey lets throw in that guy who's head of China, and just for fun that other dude from Israel... would it be rude to dress Saddam in an apron? Maybe Osama could peel the onions. Make food not missiles, fight it out in the pantry if need be - but only with the plastic cutlery, thanks.

Meanwhile Iraq Blog Count has been too slack and has not found any new blogs to count. So, if you're stopping by why don't ya go get yourself a snack and then go visit these other more motivated, more interesting, more on the edge, more informative, more much very good whatmorecouldyouaskfor more;

Baghdad Burning she rocks

Ihath she rolls (and writes letters)

A Family In Baghdad Faiza moves forward with courage

Where is Raed anything u like, it is here, including with *new improved* Raed, well actually not really, he is just the same as usual, which is charming in itself - quote: Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the most irresponsible of them all? unquote Raed. Which reminds me of something else i saw today; Snow White and the Madness of Truth
The director of the museum has the final say; "You can have your own view of what this piece of art is all about, but it is never, never allowed to use violence and it is never allowed to try to silence the artist," he said.

Healing Iraq another link never hurt noone

Live from Dallas Fayrouz is rightfully miffed when she gets fined for not voting, and still has faith in a land where she can chose between two completely similiar demonarchies.

(A demonarchy is a cross between a democracy and a monarchy, it is where you can chose between parties that have become family affairs. A bit like being able to chose which royal family you like best, a bit like a reality game show, only less real. Both families will make sure before elections that they are seen to attend completely different convivial occasions but after elected will do their damnedest to be invited to the same parties with the richest hosts and best after dinner perks. A demonarchy is also the name used to refer to the elected party, as after elections all other parties are almost totally forgotten till the next election. A demonarchy likes at all times to maintain a semblance of order and, even though it makes up its own rules as it goes along, has nothing to do with anarchy).

and now... if you haven't already... why don't ya go exercise your online democratic (ha, democracy, u had forgotten what that was, no? well just when u began to think it was a figment of your imagination) it is... *VOTE* for your fav blog.


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