Friday, January 23, 2004

Re Raeds post Jan 22 2004; Where is Raed.

A reminder that these people have been through hell with the constant uncertainty and destruction inherent in having ones local cities and towns pelted by bombs. A reminder that some of these people also are privileged to little pieces of regular hell via email and comments facilities.

A reminder that these too few people have still managed to maintain enough heart to bring views, gossip and regular discussion to the rest of the world, without being paid for it - absolutely, in fact, for free. Absolutely, in fact, for the sake of freedom itself - at least in an effort to remind us that there still is such a thing, even if under duress. And at a cost, a cost to themselves, to their private lives, identities, and invariably to their bank balances - for blogging, though an exercise in freedom of speech, is not actually a toll free exercise in itself.

Raeds post, a reminder that all bloggers are only human and that most humans crave only to get on with life with as little trouble as possible, preferably without hatemail. So, here's to all Iraq bloggers, to all bloggers, to Raed, to Winston Smith, to Anne Frank, a post in respect, a post for the sake of a post, a post without any new Iraq blogs to count, a post, in memoriam, to freedom of speech.


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