Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Another terrifying day:

Yesterday was round 2 of mortar missiles attacks on my neighbourhood,
over 20 mortar missiles fell on the neighbourhood and caused 30 deaths
and injuries.
Here is my side of the story:
I was at my grandmoah's house which happens to be next door to my
house, me and my cousin were at the back garden playing soccer and
moking on each other. Suddenly we heard a very loud noise of mortar
missile passing over us, I said "did you hear it?" and by the time he
was saying "yes", a huge explosion took place, it was very close to us,
we couldn't tell where it exactly fell as it was too close, we ran
inside my grandmoah's house and waited there for several minutes.
Shortly after that, we heard screaming, shouting and people running in
the street, we ran out to the street to see what happened.
At first, I couldn't see as there was alot of dust and ashes in the
street, then my vision cleared and I saw smoke clouds coming out from
the roof of the house of my neighbour which is in front of my house.Instinctly I ran with the people to the inside of my neighbour's house
to check for survivers, there were women all over the place shouting
and screaming "help him, help him, he is at the roof", meanwhile mortar
missiles were falling here and there very close to us. Me and several
people ran to the roof of the house, and there was my neighbour lying
on the floor with his legs got cut due to the explosion and he was
severly bleeding and there was blood stains all of him.I was completely shocked, scared and terrified, I stood there and
didn't know what to do.A man who was standing next to me shouted on me "come on!, grap him
with me, lets take him to the hospital", I ran to him and carried my
neighbour with him, we went down to the street carrying my neighbour
where a kind man stopped his car and took us with him to the hospital.
Although I tied his cut off legs and squeezed his legs trying to stop
the bleeding, but by the time we arrived to the hospital, he was
already gone, as he was bleeding severly.
In the hospital they didn't do anything to him, because he was already
dead, they took him to the bodies refrigerator.shortly after his son (my neighbour's son) arrived to the hospital, he
was shouting and crying "where is he? I wanna see him", we went to the
bodies refrigeraotr, and it wasn't actually a refrigerator, bodies were
lying on the floor, as there were too many bodies and there weren't
enough rooms for them in the frig.The view of the bodies lying on the floor was very disgusting and sad,
most of the bodies were victims of the mortar attacks.
Anyway, my neighbour relatives came to the hospital and brought coffin
for there dead relative, we took the body and headed back to my
neighbour house, so that his wife and kids can see him for the last
time before they bury him. I told them not to take him to his parents,
because it would be very painful for his kids to see their father dead
and his legs cut off, anyway, his son insisted on taking him back home.
We took him back to his house, and there was his wife and kids waiting
for him and by that time they didn't know whether their father was dead
or not, by the time they saw the coffin they started screaming,
shouting and crying. I was very touched seeing the tears of his little
kids crying with so much pain.
Shortly after that, his son said "lets take him to the cemetery, I want
him to be buried before it gets dark". so they took him to the cemetery
right away. the considerd him as a martyr.(In islam the martyr should be buried right away, with his blood and
with his clothes he was wearing when he died).Anyway, we went to the cemetery, and the handlers started to bury him,
I was standing with my cousin, near them watching them, before they
were done closing his grave, another round of mortar attacks took place
very very close to the cemetery, people just started to run and left
his grave not completely closed, Me and my cousin closed his grave and
ran to the car and headed back home.
When me and my cousin went back, my neighbours told us that another
mortar missile fell on my grandmoah's house but it didn't explode,
thank god it didn't explode because my grandmoah was alone in the
thats what happened yesterday, god knows what more can happen.


#2/01/2007 10:18:00 am Assalam Aleikom Blogger cliffy

I hope in the following months things would get better in your neighborhood and your country pls. take care yourself.

#2/04/2007 07:00:00 am Assalam Aleikom Anonymous Anonymous

I do not in any way mean to be crule as some to me are crule in how lightly they take this stuff.
Do you every wonder if there is not more that you can do about this now that it has touched your life?
In some ways I think you think that this is part of life in war. People that blow up homes are criminals and they belong in jail out run off unless they stop. I don't see you bloggers seeing like that. If you did...... Maybe

#2/04/2007 07:20:00 am Assalam Aleikom Blogger Observador

Thanks for sharing this story with the readers.
The story is very well told and the wholle experience must have been terrifying for you.
War is very very very sad.
Take care and once against thanks a lot.

#2/06/2007 05:12:00 pm Assalam Aleikom Anonymous frenchie

Do you think that by the U.S sending more troups it will stop this carnage?
Do you TRUST the Americans???

#4/05/2007 06:55:00 am Assalam Aleikom Anonymous Anonymous

Yes Yanks!
This Is Sister Ling. Look bloggers in Iraq you have to get a grip. This is not going to stop for you unless you stop it. I tryed to get in with a few select bloggers that I found last year and then this site came there was some problems in how they did not let people speak to you thats why the site was off for a minute. First many of you can in a special way get this message even in Arabic. First learn some Raps in Arabic you can copy off what ever record you know. The Plaistines have one if thats the only one. Next I want every body in the place to lift your head up and keep your eyes open. Watch the streets. make moves on cars some times just step forward like you are the terroist. Like you going to do something.If they say some thing say it was a mistake you thought you knew them make up a name said, say your nervous. Ask me LING no questions don't think just do it. For those who are the collage folks people will do this so stand back and wait for your orders. Now young men every where in Iraq lift up your chest walk tall they cant kill every one mean it too .
Kids throw balls at cars not rocks make like its an accident. Throw shit in the street like wood and shit block roads but make it simple and just that peole have to get out and move it. spit and look down when you do it. Fight young people in a play fighting way but draw a crowd . Now collage kids you will feel when but at certian times the urge get in gorup of 2,3,4,5 and talk and point a little like you are talking about people not the ones you think are the killers but just any body then whisper and laugh easy not HAHAH but hehe SHH!
Lets go peole most wars are won by the young.Now when you do all around Iraq all these things look out for the cops dispurse quickly don't run walk quickly always say it was not you. I'll work the cops don't act assocated wiht any thing like your Mosque, the Cops are the young and you are going to die any way so what the hell be you. Remember learn a Arabic rap song or two . Young ladies too. Do all these things every day its fun. So this is Lings lesson one take it back or die trying. I belive in you . CHECK THIS OUT !!!!
Sister LING

#4/13/2007 03:07:00 pm Assalam Aleikom Anonymous Anonymous

When will pigs from US leave Iraq, stop to steal oil of Iraq. Iraqi people have right to have independent state without Americans concerns.

#4/30/2007 05:00:00 am Assalam Aleikom Blogger TheRambleman

Your story was so sad, and I'm very sorry you had to go through that :-(

Just know that not everyone in America thinks that the U.S's or any other soldiers should STILL be in your country. Stay safe!


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