Tuesday, August 09, 2005

On propaganda

When you generously link to all and sundry, you get a lot of mail from individuals/organisations/organisations disguised as individuals/individuals disguised as organisations, all asking you to help beat their own particular drum. And when you link to stuff about stuff that's sort of to do with a place that's kind of in a WAR zone, you get the cream of the crop. If it's not someone driving a knife between Sunni and Shiite, it's someone with evidence that the jews roast and eat their babies. What will this week bring I wonder, A Tibetan plot to overthrow Amman? Photographs of Buddhist monks stomping on bugs?

I hardly can wait.

Excuse me while I go tweak the blogger amnesty mouse logo, it needs to look good on light and dark templates.

(At least the shareholders are happy. Am I a sellout?)


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