Thursday, August 04, 2005

Khalid's account

I found myself...

Sleeping in a grave-size space, defined by two walls touching both my head my and feet, and surrounded with human bodies touching me from both sides , in a way that hardly leaves any chance to move at all during the long… long night, in a 12 square meters room stuffed with 35 people trying to sleep… read the rest

This is the kind of account keeping that hardens my heart and stiffens my lip, and sets my fingers to the keys. I believe Khalid was released for the same reason he was captured - because he and his family keep online diaries. And because if he had died in there, or been harmed especially unpleasantly in any way, the crap would have hit the international media fan big-time. Because people spoke out in support of him, and blog jaws collectively dropped, and online diarists published their complete surprise. Khalid ?! Captured ?! How could that be - Khalid, our brave courageous - lamb ! Diarists published, large and small, in various ways, left right and center.

All those others still suffering in obscurity in Iraq's new generation detention centres are suffering because their captors believe they can get away with murder and the stories will never get out.

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