Saturday, May 21, 2005

The real life numbers

This is turning into a bad habit - everytime the site looks empty and I go to post Najma beats me by minutes, will make this short so you can scroll down to the carnival; just wanted to draw attention to A Free Writer who is drawing attention to the Iraq Living Conditions Survey.

Most other news sources quoting abysmality of situation (and it is) but I can't help noticing the length of the questionnaire - 50% of interviews took between 60 and 105 minutes each to complete, with a medium interview length of 83 minutes.

The people who took the time to answer those questions must really be keen to see change, and after several decades of war, sanctions and marionette regime it's little wonder. So let's not let them down eh, it's up to media hacks (small and large) to keep on keeping on about this one - support Iraq in it's right to freedom, health and nourished children by abolishing war and fiendish string-pullers (various factions).


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