Friday, May 06, 2005

Carnival of the relatives

I know, last week I missed it.. I was too busy in Baghdad to write it, I wouldn't have posted any way if I had time cuz they don't have Internet at grandma's.. Anyway, you won't miss anything, it's all here, carnival of the relatives for 2 weeks:

Dad posted: "Letting in the draft", in which he put an article he wanted his readers to read.
He also posted two posts in the family blog: One is a definition of the Quran, while the other is just links he found interesting..

Uncle Ahmed very quickly updating, sent us about 10 lines..

Hassan posted once in those two weeks: Fire arms in Iraq.

HNK posted: "I will not wait anymore", and another post summarizing what she's been doing these days.

Dalia posted a video of a kitten she's found once.

AND, I have a new relative ONLINE.. Let's meet, sunshine in days of my life. She's got pretty good adventures.. She's the niece of aunt Rose.

I posted a "No more Mr.Nice guy" post on my birthday, another one planning the journey to Baghdad, then what I did in Baghdad in "Talking to myself"..
AND also posted a link to the news about the trial of the Abu Ghraib woman, with my personal view of the judgment.. Which reminds me of this: Marine cleared over Falluja death

Video of the killing last November, which was taken by a US cameraman, was flashed around the world. It came during a bloody operation to recapture the rebel-held city. In sworn statements, the unnamed marine corporal said he had shot three insurgents in self-defense in the mosque on 13 November, believing they posed a threat to him and his fellow marines.

Which brings up an important issue, a reader of my blog mentioned it accidentally in an e-mail.. If an Iraqi soldier(or let's say a mujahid), shot an American soldier (Or a citizen) who he thought was holding a gun although he was lying helplessly on the ground of a MOSQUE (Or a church, or a temple).. Would any of you be satisfied if the soldier was not even judged? Even if you said yes, I wouldn't believe you, talking is much easier than doing.

Tell me now, a soldier, holding a gun, pointing at you, you can't see what's in his mind, what he's been through, or what he has come here for.. What you know is that he's a foreigner, holding a gun in YOUR country, and might kill you at anytime since you're always a threat to him.. Is it wrong to kill that man? Is it wrong to defend yourself? Self defense?

I'm playing on both sides now, convicting the American soldier in the news and defending the mojahid, yes, the one who fights for HIS COUNTRY and not for money.. Both for self defense. What's the difference?
A uniform (The soldier wears), an order (The soldier has with nothing to worry about if the order was cruel since the judgments are almost nothing), a country (The mojahid defends).. They both have families, the soldier's and the Mojahid's both will worry about them..

Anti coalition as a whole, pro some individuals, remember? This soldier, this soldier, this soldier, and much more, are not included in the individuals...

Note: I AM defending someone here, the mujahid (Read this link if you can't remember), the person who rarely exists now..

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