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Iraq Enterprise Blog

All sorts of interesting blogs popping up...

I'm not sure who is blogging here because in the 'about' section it lists many people. But it is on a website to a company called Iraqi Enterprise. And it's safe to say it's a blog by an Iraqi or Iraqis. There is commentary and links. In fact, the way I found out was by going through my referrals. If I'm spacing out and somebody knows more about them, please do tell in comments or email me. I'm jet-lagged at the moment. So, I could be a bit off mark. I'll call it the Iraq Enterprise Blog for now.

Here's a fascinating bit from an author on the blog. Perhaps it's a bit long, but it raises too many interesting questions. Maybe this is a golden opportunity!

Iraqi Beliefs, Myths, and Puzzles
Puzzle one: Most Iraqis (including Saddam Hussain !) believed that USA would never enter war to dislodge Saddam. We all believed that weakened Saddam was serving USA very well and was prepared to do what ever required of him including many things such as peace with Israel and opening Iraq for American companies. Most Iraqis believed that Saddam was of USA making and it could never find a better servant than him. He has all the qualifications required: Secular, anti Islamic, ruthless and efficient in providing his services to the west. The two bloody wars, which devastated Iraq to the ground, were waged with USA backing or permission. So the Iraqis believe.
This however raises the great first puzzle! .
If Saddam was so useful, why then did USA take all the trouble and risks of war knowing very well that there were no WMD’s? .
Most Iraqis believe that the war was not waged for the goodness of Iraqis but to serve Israel but this contradicts the above mentioned also well held belief ! Could the neoconservatives with their many think-tank institutions be so naïve, stupid or misinformed as to think that democracy in Iraq would bring a pro-western regime and not a regime which is at least more friendly to Iran, truly anti-Israel and anti-western ? Or, were they merely aiming to destroy Iraq and create kayos in the region to serve their own selfish ends (what can these be??)? Did they intentionally mean to create a breeding ground for terrorists?(what for??) Do they intentionally work against the interests of USA??? .
What are they (the neoconservatives) and USA gov. up to? Could it be simply a huge miscalculation, which, with all the great suffering it brought, might also bring some good to Iraq at the end of a long tunnel?

I'm gonna go eat something delicious now.

much peace, lim.

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#1/20/2005 04:04:00 am Assalam Aleikom Anonymous Anonymous

You raise some very interesting points. I appreciate your perspective on the matter. Although you raise some interesting theory on the usefullness of Saddam to the United States, I find it difficult to believe that since the gulf war he would have been considered "useful" by our governments. Any comments made by both President Clinton and President Bush regarded him as a threat. I would have to say that in my oppionion this was was based on a number of mis-calculations. Both by previous administrations as well as the present one. I feel very sad for all the harm and turmoil that this has caused the people of Iraq, and fear that the errors made by so few will affect many in days and years to come.

#1/20/2005 08:43:00 am Assalam Aleikom Blogger Papa Ray

Greetings, I hope that you and yours are healthy and safe.

Most wars are started by these things.

1. religion
2. wanting what the other has
3. revenge
4. fear

So, take your pick, but remember it could be also combination of two or more reasons. Wars have been started for other reasons too, even by accident.

In most wars, the reason is lost in the mist of history, except for a few lines in the history books. A few lines (that could be wrong), that students, years from now will remember only long enough to answer a question on a test.

You might find some answers at Victor Davis Hanson's website. Most likely you will also come away with many more questions also.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and allowing me to share mine.

This is my post

Papa Ray
West Texas

#1/28/2005 11:03:00 pm Assalam Aleikom Anonymous Anonymous

The Four Horsemen

The thundering hoof-beat of horses, was heard for miles around
As a U.S. caisson on foreign soil, was for Syria bound
As four horses pulled the limber, the driver would shout their names
‘Cheney’,’Bush’,’Rummy’, and ‘Powell’, as he lashed the leather reins
Corporal Richard Perle drove the team, his whip would sharply crack
Private Wolfowitz rode as shotgun, to guard the drivers back
An English bulldog, nicknamed ‘Blair’, ran at the horse’s side
While General Franks brought up the rear, a white horse he did ride

Now the Iraqi war is over, the mission’s a success
Iraqi’s power and their politics, are in a total mess
The Israeli’s are rejoicing now, the dancing has begun
America’s removed a threat to them, Saddam Hussein is done
Now it’s gallop on to Syria, a Country to beware
Use American boys to do for them, what they would never dare
Threats to Israel must be destroyed, to the last defiant man
So that Nation can grow and prosper, and implement its plan

Now let’s unlock the strong-box, and open the secret drawer
To see what this Israeli Nation, really has in store
The Palestinians all must go, their stones are so unkind
To build a prosperous Nation, Israeli’s need some peace of mind
The Palestinian State won’t be, it will never stand
There are all too many Israeli’s, that need that precious land
Sharon now views the land of Abraham, the father of his flock
He must devise a way to seize it, from the Country of Iraq
- April 25,2003

#1/31/2005 12:51:00 pm Assalam Aleikom Anonymous Anonymous

well reading that sure was a waste of time. i appreciate the aljazeera conspircay theory, but this whole post was a giant piece of garbage written by somebody that knows zero about american foreign policy. thanks for wasting my time jerk. may allah give you prostate cancer.


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