Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Anybody seen Enzo?

Enzo Baldoni is/was an independent Journalist blogging from Iraq in Italian (if you read no Italian see hastily translated babelfish text here). Anyway, Enzo has been missing for a week now. Enzo's friends are posting updates on his website and are starting to worry about him, as friends are want to do when other friends are kidnapped. Enzo's friends say;

To the men that keep him, we want them to know who is Enzo Baldoni.

He is a person animated by sentiments of humanity for the suffering of the world. He is an independent journalist and absolutely autonomous. He is a collaborator of our magazine 'Diario', a free magazine, confronting the Italian government.

In his brieve journey in Iraq, Enzo Baldoni has been a determinating factor in the organization of two convoys of humanitarian aid of the Italian Red Cross and the Red Halfmoon, arrived in Najaf on August 15 and 19. In both cases he managed to enter into the city, to bring food and medicines, saving women and children, putting his personal life at risk. Some days earlier he had contacted Teresa Sarti, the director of Emergency, asking help for a medical operation for Mohammed, an Iraqi who, while accompanying his wife who was giving birth in an ambulance, had been hit by an american tank. His wife and the baby have died. Enzo has been kidnapped while returning to Baghdad to accompany Mohammed to the hospital of Emergency in Sulaymania.


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