Thursday, May 20, 2004

Link Special Featuring...

Palestine and Israeli weblogs. "What has this to do with Iraq?" you well might mutter. Well, probably only as much as that I felt like freshening up with a bit of diversity and a few links about something(s) a little bit different...

Abracadabra... Be ready, these really are all quite different from each other...

The Israeli Young Nudist's Society it might not be good for melanoma, but it sure looks good for world peace... (warning; do not click if nudity offends).

Raffah Kid Rambles "Diary of an ISM'er. Israel Palestine conflict & slightly Rafah-centric Blog".

Aron's Israel Peace Weblog posts an interesting piece about a recent peace gathering in Tel Aviv attended by approx 120,000-200,000 who came together, and then merrily embarked upon an exercise in podium dissent (sounds like weblogging), free speech how sweet the sound...

This from Aron's post...

These people were motivated by two major events of the past two weeks: the so-called referendum, held by Sharon among the registered members of the Likud Party, which had the intolerable result that some fifty thousand people - less than one percent of the Israeli citizen body - decided a major national issue, and that the settlers and extreme right acquired an effective veto even over a partial and half-hearted withdrawal such as the one proposed by Sharon. Hard upon this came the shock of the unexpected blows suffered by Israeli soldiers in the Gaza Strip. The army learned the hard way that invading Palestinian towns and refugee camps inside armoured vehicles does not always render the Israeli forces completely immune. The general public came up with the word "Lebanon", which for Israelis carries the same connotations as "Vietnam" for Americans.

Kufia "a collection of images, artworks and words". Open to contributions from collectives and individuals world wide. Some confronting images, but worth spending time and looking at all the pages. Raw, very truthful, youthful, images. These artists aren't holding anything back.

Not a Fish by Imshin; "The meaningless chatter of your regular split personality Israeli mother trying to make sense of current insanity".

And Finally The Muslim-Jewish Jewish-Muslim PeaceWalk... "Abdul Rauf and Rabbi Lynn engage in creating peace walks, Muslim-Jewish dialogue and text study groups, youth work and interfaith workshops and services. They recently participated in a Fellowship of Reconciliation Interfaith Peace Builders trip to Jordan, Lebanon, Israel and Palestine."

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