Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Iron bloggers

The comments in some Iraq blogs have been, at times, a bit of a battlefield. There is even a blog, published by a former military psychiatrist, dedicated to driving the wedge even further between Iraq bloggers, hammering in the pegs between already imagined divisions. "Imagined?" I hear a hallucinatory voice query. Yes, imagined. For what else but imagination builds such impenetrable walls from words.

Dialogue, queer beast, at one moment driving apart the similar and at another bringing together the disparate. What cannot be shared with it? What peace there might be without it.

Well, fear not gentle bloggers, here it is; Iron Blog, the gameshow blog to take the heat out of your comments (if you are lucky enough to have generated any at all). What is Iron Blog? Whatever it is, perhaps it might help soothe the sting of the afflicted, ease inflammations, present an alternative for the authors of certain email discharges. Why heckle Iraq bloggers? Why self-immolate in haloscan? You could be an Iron Blog challenger! (Or at least, part of the audience).


And here is one of the "Iron Bloggers".

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