Thursday, May 20, 2004

More Blogs

Just for a bit of a change, here are some other links;

Kuwait Unplugged ~ Zaydoun, with random thoughts, commentary & gossip from Kuwait (has switched over to a new blogger template too, and is figuring out how to post in arabic next...)
Moblogging from Kuwait ~ snapshots, lots of snapshots, hundreds of...
The Islamic Feminista ~ a live jounal community.
My Journey ~ it's all about faith...
Muttaqoon ~ the joint blog of Hijabified*, Umm Layth, & zremmas; who say; "InshaAllah we'll post beneficial articles, ayah, & experiences upon which to reflect. =D so... have fun."


The Arab Street Files (which you might have already found because Zeyad linked it a while ago). "Occasional reflections & musings on what is really said on the mythical "Arab street", by someone who lives there..." + a good link list.


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