Monday, October 17, 2005

Referendum, soldier's view

Chad was in Sadr city for the referendum:

Right now, we are assisting another Infantry Battalion in Sadr City covering the elections. No one has patrolled there in over a year, and you can certainly tell. After the first night, all the windows in the trucks were busted! They are throwing everything except their Mommas at us. Ironic, considering we are there so they can vote, and they are trying to let us know just how much they hate us. Alot more of our soldiers died while I was on leave, the violence is increasing each and every day. The Army hates the fact that soldiers have blogs, and they are beginning to make it known more

And his "about me":

I am sick of seeing the American people give away what so many have died to protect. I am tired of Independence Limited...freedom with their acceptance. Stop sacrificing your liberties for security.
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