Monday, October 17, 2005

Intelligence, lol

Somebody wrote asking about suggestions for NGO's and agencies in Iraq to contact because they want to go to Iraq and do good work there. The writer writes they are an "army veteran, former intelligence analyst, and the mom of a soldier who was in Baghdad in 2004, who is now in Afghanistan". This person tells me they "hate George Bush and most everything he has done" and that they "truly believe that it is up to people like us at the grassroots level to share information and get it out to the world in order to bring about change we can't rely on the media and the politicians to do it".

My answer:
Look it's great that you're taking the time to find out but personally if you're a former army vet and intelligence analyst you should have a pretty good idea yourself where to go. I'm really sorry Sharon Jumper but just getcha self a ticket and go there if you want to. With qual's like yours you should have no probs getting through customs and into the green zone. Who knows maybe you really are sincere but you have quite a history there to overcome.

And while I'm harping on about intelligence gathering, haven't those bods asking Zeyad why he voted "no" read the drafts (numerous) themselves? I mean really, if you want to take a free opinion poll to model your next attempt on why don't you just go back and read everything that everybody was writing about it ages ago?

Sorry, I can't be bothered tippytoeing around with platitudes today. If you've managed to weather d-kos I'm sure you'll understand.


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