Sunday, October 23, 2005

Getting a bit...

Getting a bit off the topic, blog with a soundtrack. does it matter where it's from or who is behind it? Nope.


OT update: more off the topic but related to the overall picture blogging.


#10/23/2005 11:27:00 pm Assalam Aleikom Blogger shystee

Nice soundtrack.

Also OT: one of my co-bloggers, a scholar in the field of Comparative Semitics, has a great post about Iraq's ancient history. And about how the destruction of Iraq's antiquities during the invasion makes her hate Bush all the more. So she places a Sumerian curse on him.

As always it would be great to know what you think, or even just a quiet visit. It would be an honor to have you as our guest(s).

#11/13/2005 03:55:00 am Assalam Aleikom Anonymous news blog

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