Friday, July 23, 2004

Picture for hnk

Picture for hnk, who is running a paint challenge. Ok so i cheated and did it in photoshop instead of paint, but it is a completely mousedrawn hand (the wiggly looking thing is a feather).

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#7/24/2004 10:36:00 am Assalam Aleikom Blogger Fayrouz

This is really good. I'm jealous now.

#7/24/2004 06:35:00 pm Assalam Aleikom Blogger emigre

thanks, it isn't really that good but if you like it you can copy and print it or whatever ~ it's free.

#7/25/2004 05:59:00 pm Assalam Aleikom Blogger Aunt Najma

Wow, very nice, good work.....

#7/27/2004 10:36:00 am Assalam Aleikom Anonymous Anonymous

Very Nice! I think that the lack of control of a mouse has actually worked in your favour ... I like the contrast between the spiderweb like thin areas and the thick clots of bunched lines. Using a conventional pencil one would struggle to achieve this effect, because the end result tends to look more deliberate.


#7/27/2004 09:11:00 pm Assalam Aleikom Blogger Faisal ...

Very impressive indeed.


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