Friday, May 16, 2008

Good Blogs

I've been laughing a lot during my blog-hunting these days, mostly due to:


Ahmed Khalaf al-Musawi is an Iraqi atheist from a southern Shi'i background, who is well known in the Arab online atheist community as some sort of a godfather, his writings have a style that I daresay would rival Shalash al-Iraqi's in quality, his style is unique: complete disregard of punctuation that gives an impression of a classical Arabic book, complete ignorance of spelling, and a very flowing narrative filled with an extraordinarily surreal sense of words.

It somehow seems to me that Iraqi Atheists are the largest of all the Arab atheist communities, well, after what's going on in Iraq, who could blame them.

أرشيف طالب عجوزي Diaries of a Lazyass Student [Arabic]

a rather typical Iraqi blog for a college student in his early twenties, except that he can be extremely funny. don't miss احداث فتحت لاصحابها بوابة...الاردن

Less funny but more in the vein of mainstream Iraqi blogs is the serious and brooding is Baghdad Kassakhon [Storyteller], written by a journalist living in Baghdad.

Iraqi Interpreter
is a great blog written live from where the action is by a 20-year-old Iraqi interpreter, giving us a much needed firsthand insight in the trials and tribulations of Iraqi interpreters, he is honest, angry and we get to watch him toughened by his life experiences.


#6/10/2008 11:53:00 am Assalam Aleikom Anonymous Anonymous

I lived with adopting family in Ekaterinburg in the place of killing Royal Romanov

family.Why? Who from my own family is a queen? My own grandmother? Or what does it means?

Adress was Moskowskaya street 9-31.In Moskowskaya street 9-20 lives Husein family with

daughter Aleksandra. My real name is Anna-Kristina-Aleksandra.What does it means? Who realy

have agression against muslims countries and against Irag and Husein? I know that my own

grandfather Naum was muslims friend. And when he invest his money in Russia he took gold as

financial garantee.May be in Irag and near Husein my enemies seaching that gold?

I am the daughter of the man, who had a symbol in Vatican and whose face is identical to

Joann Paul II. In Italy he is known as Tata Giovanni ( Father Giovanni) .He lived in Rome

and worked in the USA.I know that everything my relatives had they left as inheritage to

me. I need to find, who has management of it in his hands, and which is the state of

property and assets. I don,t know how my identity could be hidden, because I have unique

right leg, which was disfigured from birth. This is my unique sign, nobody could be

mistaken normally in my identification.
Business of my own grandfather Naum - oil and gas, casino and hotels of Las-Vegas. Own

father too. During 10 years I was under strong financial pressing. And lived with my

younger son for 60 dollars per month. Who became a manager and do that?
Since October of 2001 till 2007 all the force of repressing machine was put on us. I have

savage fascism in Lithuania in my own flat and in my own life and life of my son. We came

out of there on our four. We have total control. Causes-multi billion assets in-heritage

from my own relatives.
In 10 June of 2006 in Diana,s Spencer family house resident of russian special services

Aleksandr Lebedev organized a meeting to memorize death of Raisa Gorbacheva. Michail,s

Gorbachev wife died 20 09 1999. But 11.06.2006 I celebrated my 50 anniversary. It means all

the strange recollecting organized just before my birthday. Why? How it is connected with

the fact that 9 months before Raisa Gorbacheva died, 20.12.1998 died Jevgenij

Bondarenko-son of Natalia Bondarenko who became also Lopatinska,ja after getting married

with my adopting brother. It is she who is used to get my money without my agree nor

acceptance. Who helped her?

Bush, Primakov visiting Lithuania they organized "accidental" meetings with me and my son.

First used his security officers, second by himself. 11.03.2008 Poland visited Hosni

Mubarak. 14.03.2008 we were proposed to leave Poland. We were getting by auto-stop in

Italy. As well as we arrived to Italy, to Italy came Putin, who visited Poland and came to

Berlusconi. What does it means? They have my money and business? They robbed me? They were

so poor that needed my finances and my incomes?
We live with son at street wearing some floor clothes. Was my father such a bad person? Is

he black-mailed in such a way? Where is he now? Multiple applying to Silvio Berlusconi does

nothing. What could be this person whom in my childhood I know as Silvia in Italy - my

"mother" with wig and with man,s cigarettes, and which I must find if I need a defence and

I know that part of finances former soviet agents transferred to someone in England. After

queen Elizabeth and his husband,s visit to Lithuania (16.10.2006-18.10.2006) 21.10.2006

Hubertas Grusnys was killed, he was owner of radio stations and Lithuanian millionaire,

whose radio Lietus a week before told about poisoning with toxicoids me and my son in our

flat. In Lithuania for my financing and living my own father gave 10% shares of LUKOIL

company to the oil company MAZEIKU NAFTA. For my financing in Lithuania responsible

A.Brazauskas, B.Lubys, G.Chapanidze, V.Shkil. Chapanidze in jail since 1996-1997. I was not

financed at all. And didn,t ask nobody to sale or to present my finances or shares to

anybody. I know that there are most of assets which didn't get in hands of those who robbed

me. I have personal individual characteristic by which I can be easely identified - my

right leg was disfigured while my mother was pregnant, and I was born with unique

diagnosis. After many specific medical operation, my leg became passport which couldn't be

forged.Those who robbed me pressed me till now.

#6/27/2008 01:16:00 am Assalam Aleikom Anonymous Anonymous

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