Monday, February 07, 2005

Election Counting...

Kurdmedia ~ has US Out-Of-country Voting (OCV) results, released by the Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq (IECI) last week.

US OCV results ~ from total 7 polling stations.
Total votes cast ~ 24,332

United Iraqi Alliance ~ 31.69%
Rafidain National List ~ 28.82%
Kurdistan Alliance List ~ 16.94%
The National List ~ 8.19%
Iraqi List ~ 4.23%
Iraqis (Iraqiyoon) List ~ 0.38%

List info ~

United Iraqi Alliance ~ often referred to as the Shii -list or Shii-dominated.
Rafidain National List ~ an Assyrian/Christian list headed by Assyrian Democratic Movement (ADM) Secretary General Yonadam Kanna.
Kurdistan Alliance List ~ needs no explanation, as per name.
The National List ~ a coalition headed by the Iraqi Communist Party (ICP).
Iraqi List ~ Prime Minister Ayad Allawis list.
Iraqis (Iraqiyoon) List ~ list of President Ghazi al-Yawar, includes Defense Minister Hazem Shaalan.

Sydney Polling Update ~ Read in a local rag yesterday that the Auburn Sydney polling punch/shoot incidents were irritated by external Non-Iraqi presence. Apparently some peaceful non-voters had gathered to peacefully demonstrate and later moved on when asked to by police. At some stage a third group arrived and began stirring up hostilities till a few voters crossed the road and a few fists landed. Anyway, taking a few geographic liberties, where Sydney's Auburn polling station might be viewed microcosmically as Iraq, could be fair to say most non-voters are peaceful, most voters just wanted to vote, and the trouble came from external foreign sources. Tried to find the article to post a link but The Daily Telegraph doesn't publish all it's articles online, so am just having to "word of mouth this". Well, I guess that's what bloggers do best.


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