Sunday, August 08, 2004

My heart is bleeding...

Iraq is bleeding, and so is my heart. there are two ways to describe what is happening in Iraq: the first way, is the Allawi-American way: "we are cleaning the country and removing the thugs" which i believe is much easier for many Americans to believe it, because their conscience won't have to worry abouy over 500 Iraqi killed, and thousands injured in the last two days. now, lets hear the other way to describe it: what's happening in Iraq now, is very much the same what happened in Saddam's time: Action: Sunna don't want the occupation: Allawi-Americans reaction: they are thugs, destroy al Fallooja..,"remove them" "lets clean up our country". action: hundreds of thousands of Shea, all Sadr supporters and a lot of other Shea, don't want the occupation. Allawi-American reaction: thugs thugs thugs, kill them all, kill the children so they don't make problems in the future too, kill women so they don't give birth to thugs too. its the same policy, whoever is not with us, he is a criminal, he is a thug, he is a barbarian, he must be killed or sent to hell "as one of the American military police described abo ghreib prison yesterday" its exactly the same as what Saddam did, they all are the same, the new and the old government, they care only about their own interest, and they kill whoever stands in their way. the only important deference is that the Allawi-American government, comes in package of elegant suits, and good English. in the chaos that we live in, no one will know how many Iraqi will be killed by the coalition in these few days, but one thing i know for sure, is that they will kill as many as they can, and as always, the world will watch it on TV, some reporters will make a documentary and sell it to some media network to and make some money, and that's it, and after they finish killing people they will say: we are done with the insurgents, you are "liberated" again, long life justice! each and every one who supported this war is responsible for every drop of blood, every son and mother who was and will be killed, every wife or husband, everyone who supported the war or was involved in it, will be responsible for the blood, and tears, in front of the history, and in front of God. but why do you care? They are thugs and insurgents only, isn't that what you are trying to say? unless one of the elegant suits in the white house, or in the smelly shelters of the green zone, understands that they cant control this country with violence, that they cant follow Saddam steps, that they should litsen to what Iraqis want, not kill them, unless that happens, this country will NEVER rise up again. But God is there watching, and he is greatest, he is the most merciful, and he knows the truth, and you'll see!, actions are measured by the results, as they say, lets wait and see, what are the results of this occupation, and this government, you'll watch it fall, and you will remember my words, but till then, we will keep loosing hundreds and hundreds of souls, and everyone who supported or was involved in this war, is responsible for them, in front of the history, and for ever, in front of God.


#8/08/2004 04:46:00 pm Assalam Aleikom Blogger Rosemary

Khalid, I am sorry, afoan, but I couldn't read past the part where you said our (I am American) troops were killing women so they could not give birth. This is not the way we think in the USA. I hate that we even have women in the Armed Services, because we treat women with special admiration. ALL women. Yours, mine, everyones. I do have to agree with you on one thing, though. My heart is bleeding, also. I do not understand why there is so much destruction of oil pipe lines, kidnapping, destruction of electrical lines, and then people say "why don't we have this!" My heart bleeds, because I am not a casual observer, I have friends who live in Iraq. Yes, they are Iraqi. They do not feel as you do, however. They are sad, disgusted, yes. At MS! though! They want the fighting to stop. They want stability, but they will not settle, ever again, for a dictator just to have peace. Never again. No more Saddams. Freedom is now running through their blood, and noone can change that nor take it away from them. I am proud of them, while I know it is hard. I do not pretend, nor would I want to be so ignorant. I can't stand people suffering. Anywhere. It doesn't matter that you are in a different country, language, culture, etc. You are a human being and deserve to be treated humanely. If someone takes up arms against us, though, they must know they will die. Please, tell them to stop, for the sake of the others. If you care about the women, as I do, protect them. Do not treat them as slaves. They are not. I am not saying you do, because I don't know you. I know only a little about your culture, but I am sad that honor killings have started again. What honor is there in killing a woman? Is the man not at fault, also? It needs to stop yesterday!!! We are probably from two different points of view, and I appreciate that you are open enough to allow me to express mine. If you would like to express yours or help me to understand better, please contact me through my site at my site. Thank you. May God bless your family and you, and may peace be with you always.

#8/10/2004 04:38:00 am Assalam Aleikom Anonymous Anonymous

Wars are never pretty and there are always two side to any war.
But did we start this war?
We have been attract since 1980.
What was our crime? We supported the Arab governments.
Our support of Arab governments makes us guilty of what Arab governments do to there own people.
So we do not support Arab governments, then people start dyeing because Arab governments can't even feed there own people without help from us so we are guilty again.

One thing that you are sure to learn as the days pass is that the world is a very small place today. Oceans and continents can all be crossed in seconds on the net, and that we must all act as neighbors or we will find ourselves at war all the time.
Is the war in Iraq a good idea? Most people here in the US think it is. But not because we get to kill Arabs, oh no.
But because we feel that in the end we will make many more friends in the Arab world than enemies.
We could be wrong. Time will tell.


#8/10/2004 05:09:00 am Assalam Aleikom Anonymous Anonymous

Khalid Dear,

I have noticed a tendency lately by some to allude to an "Eternal Moment" frozen permanently. People grow, change, evolve, have a change of heart, experience regrets and recriminations. They undergo transformative experiences sometimes, accumulate milage and, perhaps, even some wisdom as they age. Mr. Allawi is not the same man he was when he was a college student. He is not a frozen snowman, never changing.

He does need to be concerned now with trying to maintain some civil order in order to guide the society through to a polity with "sura." That is, the next step would be an orderly process of the public choosing their representatives in a democratic procedure.

This has been turning into a terrible struggle with Hooliganism. It's even worse than the European Soccer Hooligans.

Not everything that happens today is just a repeat of what happened in yesteryear.

The Middle Eastern desert sometimes lends itself to the illusion of a Suspended Timelessness. This is not an Eternal Moment frozen forever in the present.

I wish I could comfort and support you more, but these are difficult times. You need to keep the goals clear in your mind and don't get confused by disoriented rowdies.

Young man, this world is dynamic. "This, too, will pass."


#8/10/2004 06:54:00 am Assalam Aleikom Anonymous Anonymous

Maybe you can comment on the view of
Mesopotamian of these "Mahdi Army":
"... a dangerous, lunatic and murderous minority; serpents and blind scorpions let loose; the menace cannot be underestimated."

It seems many people dont like them, the people of Najaf, governors, IP, ING, etc. And they consist of 80 Iranians, 400 criminals released by saddam from prison in late 2002.

So why not get them off the streets? Iraqi people are applauding tough measures against criminals, so the insecurity and crime is less. Getting rid of Mahdi army will help enormously in reducing such insecurity.

Liberating Iraq blog

#8/10/2004 07:01:00 am Assalam Aleikom Anonymous Anonymous

"have noticed a tendency lately by some to allude to an "Eternal Moment" frozen permanently. People grow, change, evolve, have a change of heart, experience regrets and recriminations. They undergo transformative experiences sometimes, accumulate milage and, perhaps, even some wisdom as they age. Mr. Allawi is not the same man he was when he was a college student. He is not a frozen snowman, never changing."


And the same is true of Iraq.

Taking harsh measures now when the new Iraq is extremely fragile is necessary to keeping Iraq transitioning and evolving

Why is this - "he is a criminal, he is a thug, he is a barbarian, he must be killed or sent to hell" - such a bad thing to say about terrorists who are killing Iraqis every day?

Do you not think it a terrible thing when an Iraqi policeman
is killed by these 'insurgents' (ie terrorists), when doctors
and mayors and even Ministers of Government are gunned down,
when innocent bystanders are killed by car bombs? When Christian
churches and Shia shrines are bombed? Indeed, when an American
and a South Korean and other foreigners, unarmed and only in Iraq
to help others were beheaded?

Iraq too can change - it already has an enormous amount of freedom it did not have before. It can change by being more of a civil society, once it removes the mortal danger to its existence from the violent agents of chaos - and al-Sadr and Mahdi can take their choice to be agents of chaos or simply obey the laws of the land and the orders of police.

Liberating Iraq blog

#8/10/2004 08:57:00 pm Assalam Aleikom Blogger Faisal ...

Salaam Khalid

I do understand your feelings. Something I like to point out to some: "You do not murder a murderer or steal a robber because then you are just like them"

Also, it's true that people do change but not by 180 degrees.


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