Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Almost as soon as i began this blog my email address became subject to large volumes of not-quite-fan-mail from (some of you may be familiar with it) which at first were a welcome change to the usual plugs for various forms of silicon enhancement etc. So regular and reliable are the thoughtful updates from this spaddress that i today actually opened one of the messages and replied;

Dear Havenperez

I have been in receipt of your messages for quite some time now, and while being sympathetic to your cause and tolerating your mail as such, must advise you that it all goes directly to my junkmail folder where i scan only the subject titles before your missives are, well, dismissed if you will.

I must urge you towards greater creativity with your titles, as i am thinking of taking up spam poetry.

(wouldn't it be ironic if this ends up in your junkmail)




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