Thursday, October 21, 2004

Why some people see 'auras' around their loved ones

Just wanted to change the mood around this blog

Why some people see 'auras' around their loved ones

Do you see 'auras'?


#10/21/2004 12:57:00 pm Assalam Aleikom Blogger mike

Its the "etheric body", though science isn't going to accept the existence of etheric matter any time soon, even though they've just proven its existence. They call it "dark matter" and think its somewhere they haven't found yet instead of everywhere. There is no such thing as empty space.

#10/21/2004 05:10:00 pm Assalam Aleikom Blogger madtom

Dark matter won't cause your clocks to synchronize in a common frame so it's not the ether.


#10/22/2004 01:11:00 am Assalam Aleikom Blogger Fayrouz


You reminded me of the parapsychology books, which were published in Iraq during the 90s. One of them explained the energy fields around our bodies. I can't remember the name of the book. Anyway, the interesting part, it was written by an Iraqi-American.

#10/22/2004 09:48:00 pm Assalam Aleikom Anonymous Anonymous

We have these mushrooms in western Washington that can make you see auras and make voices sound like xylophones.

#10/23/2004 08:15:00 am Assalam Aleikom Blogger emigre

I heard this story once, about a girl. When she began primary school and had the standard primary school eye/ear test the eye/ear tester was astonished to find the poor girl could barely see a thing. She was prescibed glasses, lenses thick as sliced bread.

Suddenly everything jumped into focus, she could see the hairs on her mothers arm and the weave of her school uniform. But something was missing. The girl felt a profound sense of loss for the beautiful fuzzy soft halo's that until then sorrounded everything she saw, had vanished.

#10/23/2004 07:33:00 pm Assalam Aleikom Blogger mike

Yup, the magic mushrooms, (or LSD) will put you into an altered state (alpha brain-waves) where you can see more than just the dense half of the physical plane. Most of us in the waking state have only beta brain-waves, then when we go into the alpha, theta or delta states we lose consciousness -- go to sleep. If you measure the brain-wave patterns on a good psychic you will see all 4 brain-wave pattern simultaneously which is why they can see not only into the etheric half of the physical plane but can see dead people in the astral plane.


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